Ikat Fabric from Indonesia Called Tenun Ikat

Ethinc Woven Fabric

The Ethnic Ikat Fabric – Indonesia is a beautiful country in the world. Many foreigners call Indonesia as “paradise of the world”. They call Indonesia as paradise because this country has many extraordinary tourist attraction, especially natural tourist destination.

As we know that, Bali is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. If the travelling addicts wanna find a destination place which makes their brain so calm and fresh, they may go to Jembong Waterfall which placed in Buleleng, Bali. Besides, you wanna see the gergous sunrise scenery in a hidden nature, Karimunjawa Island in Jepara becomes the best recommended destination place for you.

Indonesian Ethnic Ikat Fabric

Indonesia not only has several amazing natural destinations , there is another characteristics of this equator country, it is the ethnic ikat fabric. Everyone can see the best or some examples of Indonesian woven ikat from Indonesia at https://id.pinterest.com/dianarosalinde/traditional-woven-fabric-from-indonesia/.

Long time ago, tenun becomes a uniqueness of Indonesia also. Indonesia’s woven fabric is different with batik fabric. If the batik fabric’s characteristic just looked from its motive, tenun (woven fabric) has more than one feature.

Tenun Ikat has very complex steps. All the elements of tenun (woven fabric) use natural products, such as banana midrib and pineapple fiber. The coloration technique also uses nature ingredients. That is why tenun (woven fabric) from Indonesia is very special.

We can see all the features or characteristics of the ethnic ikat fabric at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfVoLaKCgco

Tenun Ikat from Indonesia consists of several types. They are Tenun Ikat Jepara, Tenun Ikat Sumba, Tenun Ikat Kalimantan, Tenun Toraja and others. The other uniqueness of Indonesia’s ethnic woven is appeared from color and motives.

We need to know that every motives of woven fabric from Indonesia has very deep life meaning. Hence, it cannot be produced by all people, it is just made by certain people who knows well about the cultural values of their own city.

Writer : Nofia Ulfa

You can see all the collections of the ethnic ikat fabric from Indonesia at https://www.tokotenun.com/jenis-jenis/kain-tenun/tenun-ikat-etnik/

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